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Back to School Drive

KIP Canada wants to ensure that all children and youth in our communities have the supplies they need to be successful in the upcoming school year. Every September, our team assembles a ‘Back to School Drive’ in which we put our focus toward collecting essential school supplies and distributing them to our children and families.

Holiday Drive

At KIP Canada, we recognize that the holidays can be a difficult time for children and families who are separated from loved ones in the justice system. Every November, our team is dedicated to having a month long holiday drive to collect donations and make a difference for those who are having a difficult time during the holidays. With the support of the community, we are able to help brighten the holiday season for our children and families from coast to coast.

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KIP Self-Care Kits

During special times of need, the KIP team provides Self-Care kits to children and youth who are going through challenging times in their lives. KIP Self-Care Kits are filled with essential products and self-care items to help brighten the smiles of those who need it most. 


The team at KIP Canada is dedicated to providing Self-Care kits in response to COVID-19.

Self-care kits provided by Kids with Incarcerated Parents (KIP) Canada
Self-care kits provided by Kids with Incarcerated Parents (KIP) Canada

Registration Form

If you are caring for a child or youth who is currently separated from an incarcerated parent in Canada and you would like them to receive support from one of our initiatives, please complete the form below.

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