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Virtual Arts Program

The Virtual Arts Program is offered to youth 8-18 years old who have been affected by a parent who has been involved with the justice system across Canada. The program is conducted through ZOOM and split into groups based on age. 

Youth will have the opportunity to connect with mentors and peers, learn healthy coping strategies, and engage in a variety of art forms they are interested in - from painting to dance, photography to yoga! Art kits are provided with all the supplies needed to participate in the program.

Virtual Education Program

With the support of our incredible tutors and mentors, we are excited to announce the launch of our Virtual Education Program to provide educational support across Canada!

Tutoring, Test Prep, Scholarship Applications

Course, Education and Career Planning

Literacy Support

Online Education
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Anime Empowerment Club

Our Anime Empowerment Club is a virtual program that gives youth the opportunity to connect with their peers through anime. We aim to present shows that are both entertaining and relatable to youth, and carry discussions about how the themes of the shows may reflect experiences of their personal lives. The club willalso allow the opportunity for youth to express themselves creatively through guided activities of storytelling and character studies, such as writing their own stories or creating their own anime characters that they can share with others. Through this club, we aim to use anime as a creative form of expression and as a guideline of critical analysis to help youth develop personal empowerment and to achieve empowerment with their peers.


And remember, “Don’t believe in the me that believes in you, have faith in the self that believes in you.”