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At KIP Canada, we are committed to providing placements, training, and ongoing professional development opportunities for post-secondary students. We believe that working with educational institutions to offer practical training is essential to supporting our children, youth, and families in all sectors over time. We are dedicated to connecting placement students with opportunities at our organization that align with their strengths, learning goals, and interests. We value lived experience and recognize that our students are integral members of our team and KIP community.

Our placement encourages students to expand their education and gain new skills. We offer a diverse range of learning experiences and opportunities for our students, including:


  • Mentoring children and youth

  • Program planning and co-facilitation of programs and activities

  • Being a support worker on our Family Visitation Program

  • Providing in-person and virtual individual and group support 

  • Case management 

  • Conducting research 

  • Developing resources 

  • Organizing community outreach initiatives 

  • Program development

  • Fundraising and grant writing

  • Social media and communications

  • Joining committees and working groups on special projects

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We accept placement students year-round from all academic programs. However, there are limited positions available at our organization. We are looking for students who demonstrate a high level of professionalism and are committed to our children, youth, and families beyond the completion of required hours.  

If you are interested in completing a placement at KIP Canada, please email a copy of your cover letter and CV to Jessica Reid at or call (647)-627-1171.


We will request a virtual or in-person interview for all short-listed candidates.

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