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What is KIP Creations?

KIP Creations is a online space to showcase the voices and talents of our youth across the country.  It is our hope that this initiative will provide the opportunity for youth to express themselves and have their voices be heard in a safe and supportive environment. By shedding light on their diverse experiences and strengths, we hope this serves to empower our youth, be a reminder to KIP they are not alone, and helps to break the silence and the stigma.

We welcome all forms of creations (e.g., written, spoken, etc.) from KIP of any age in Canada.  

If you would like to share your creation, please send it to Jessica at

Voice of the Week

Let it go

Powerful words from one of our youth. Learning how to let go and grow is important for everyone.

KIP Creations at Kids with Incarcerated Parents (KIP) Canada

Our KIP Gallery

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