Every Fall, Jessica Reid, our Co-Founder and Executive Director of Programming & Research embarks on Kilometres for KIP, a dawn to dusk 55 km walk from the Franklin Horner Community Centre in Toronto to Hamilton’s City Hall.


The goals of Kilometres for KIP are to increase awareness of the need to support children affected by parental incarceration in Canada and to raise funds to support KIP Canada’s vital programs. Our programs have shown to increase children’s self-esteem, improve mental health and reduce the devastating cycle for the innocent children left behind.

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KMs for KIP has 10 legs. Each leg is walked by a specific group of supporters who work with us to help end the stigma of having a parent involved with the criminal justice system, bridge the gap in support, and break the devastating cycles associated with parental incarceration.


Together, we are taking steps to:

  1. Support all children who are left behind
  2. End the stigma

  3. Break the cycle

100% of the funds raised help KIP Canada provide supportive programs to optimize the outcomes of children affected by parental incarceration.