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KIP Canada’s Family Visitation Program facilitates visits for children, youth, and families with their imprisoned loved ones by providing weekend transportation from Toronto to correctional facilities in Southern Ontario. During our trips, our trained workers provide support, offer a variety of developmentally-friendly games, activities, and movies as well as snacks and refreshments for all to enjoy at no cost. Our bus is a safe and family-friendly environment where youth and families have a chance to talk about their experiences of having a loved one inside and receive support from mentors and other riders. Our Family Visitation Program is free for anyone 18 years old and younger. If you are interested in participating in our program, please call or email to register today.

For more information or to book a seat on the bus please contact Jessica or Derek Reid by email at or by phone at (416) 505-5333.

Family visitation program at Kids with Incarcerated Parents (KIP) Canada
Drawing by kids in the Visitation Program at Kids with Incarcerated Parents (KIP) Canada
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