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Developing Resilience

Your community can help a child's resilience by:

  • Treating them with dignity and respect

  • Creating opportunities for them to succeed

  • Offering mentorship, guidance

  • Accepting them and making sure they are not stigmatized or excluded

Mitigating Stigma

  • Take steps to ensure your community offers safe and non-judgmental spaces

  • Community leaders must help others understand the vulnerability of these children and intervene to stop comments and actions that may be triggering for the child and initiate the stigma

Addressing the


  • Creating/supporting breakfast or lunch programs at schools

  • Ensuring families know about medical and vaccination clinics in your community

  • Creating or contributing to a holiday toy bank and/or clothing drive

  • Supporting establishments of family shelters

With the generosity of philanthropic corporations and professionals, our annual ‘It Takes a Village’ online charity auction helps raise vital funds to provide holistic programming and support to children, youth, and families affected by the justice system across Canada.

Communities have the power to make a positive influence in the lives of our children, youth and their families. A community's support can provide immediate benefits for children by developing resilience, mitigating stigma and addressing adversity.

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